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The Coding Academy powered by Epitech offers short, intensive programmes (22 weeks) with a solid learning support to provide a real professional basis that can be put to immediate use in the company. At the end of the course, your career will have taken a new direction. You are guaranteed to have real and better skills. You will have more chance of finding a job in line with your ambitions.
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The event will be held at Rogner Hotel Tirana, from 17:00 to 20:00, January 10, 2019


Discover the "CODE & GO" course

An intensive, 5-month course (22 weeks)
to master the basics of operational developing


Why you should choose the << Code & Go >> course

The flagship course at the Coding Academy, "Code & Go" sessions are held several times a year…

The « READY TO WEB DEVELOPMENT» badge awarded by the Coding Academy gives access to recruitment as a developer in the most sought-after companies. And for anyone who has not reached the required level to obtain the precious certificate or who still lacks confidence at the end of the session, the "twice" pass gives them the chance to retake the session at no extra cost.


They've taken the << Code & Go >> course

Olivier Anno, Front developer at Pictime

Mikaël Bellina, consultant at Consultek

The learning approachThe programme outline

The learning approach places the student in a dynamic where they can build their own skills over the long term.
The end of the five-month course is both a point of arrival (students are good enough developers to put their skills to work in a company) and a starting point (students have learned enough to embark on longer studies in the internet sector or in developing).

Epitech, l'école de l'innovation et de l'expertise informatique

Epitech is, with EPITA, the inventor of the "swimming pool", a learning method through immersion and projects, which has been tried and tested, and is now one of the standards in innovation.
At the Coding Academy, the same principles, leading students to "learn how to learn", and not simply to repeat without understanding, have been applied with success. That is why we always begin with the basics, the foundations on which later learning will be built, before going on to the different fields of professional expertise.
The learning process consists in a series of projects dealing with a progressive group of technologies. The time spent in the course is not devoted to taking lessons in a traditional way but to putting what is learnt into practice immediately in projects, alone and/or in a team.

Programme outline

  • {1}

    The Basics

    Learning how to programme / working methods, via a systematic use of C language.
    Introduction to object-oriented programming (application of some object concepts using C).

  • {2}


    Server Administration + Languages (Ruby/PHP/JavaScript).
    BDD SQL and noSQL
    Ruby on Rails – Symfony - Node.js

  • {3}


    HTML5 – CSS3 – Bootstrap - JavaScript - JQuery - AngularJS

  • {4}


    Stress management – BDD modelling – Git and versioning – Scrum agile method – unit testing – SEO – Cloud – Security – Business models


Admission criteria

Target audience:

Adults aged 20 to 45 who are ready to commit themselves with energy and determination for one term, to join the world of coding, to make a fresh start in their careers or simply to add a new string to their bow and to keep pace with the world around them.

Level required

Candidates should have a university education or some work experience.


Tests and interview. Lasts for half a day: your ability to successfully follow the course is tested via simulation exercises.


"READY TO WEB DEVELOPMENT" and "Web and mobile developer designer" certificate and badge from the Coding Academy, by Epitech.

Organisation and required equipment

The course lasts for 22 weeks, from Monday to Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (60 hours a week), at the Epitech TIRANA campus, Rinas Road, Tirana Business Park, Building 07.
Students must have a laptop with the following minimum configuration:
4 Gb of RAM, 300 Mb hard drive, 5Ghz card, Chipset WIFI ABGN (notebook and tablets not accepted).

Total course cost: €4,900


For all questions, request for documents and registration:

ADDRESS: Rruga e Rinasit, Tirana Business Park, Building 07, Tirana, ALBANIA PHONE: +355 (0) 42 204 104 Email :