The five years of study by the students conclude with the realisation of an Epitech Innovative Project, a veritable piece of company work, carried out over the space of 18 months. These projects which are imagined, conceived, developed, formed, finalised, presented and often sold, are achieved through group work can give rise to innovative start-ups, as well as serving as stepping stones to prestigious careers in large and worldwide known companies.

Below are 10 examples of a non-exhaustive list of professional successes secured in Epitech:

1. Carinae Group, the mastodonte of IT

Carinae Group Carinae Group - find out more

In 2004, Michael Ourabah and Charles-Antoine Beyney (Epitech 2006 graduates) launched BSO Network Solutions, while they were still students. They were the first to have imagined a society that was at once a network operator, integrator and host. Nearly 10 years later, the two former students are at the head of Carinae Group , a financial holding present in France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxemburg and Hong Kong, with a turnover of 16 M€ in 2013. The company foresees 50 M€ in 2014 and a recruitment plan for 150 employees over 24 months in 10 countries. It brings together different companies and is also an investment subsidiary for innovating start-ups.

2. PrestaShop, the e-commerce giant

PrestaShop Prestashop – find out more

Before becoming one of the indispensable players of e-commerce, PrestaShop was first of all an Epitech Innovative Project, with five students who developed an easily accessible open-source solution which performs well and is quick, destined to traders wanting to open online shops. The mission was successful in the first months of being launched on the market, which led Bruno Lévêque (Epitech 2007 graduate) to found, along with others, a company of the same name. PrestaShop is today the reference point in this domain, with more than 150,000 shops using this solution.

3. Melty Group, media empire of the web

Melty Group Melty Group – find out more

Melty Group stems from an Epitech Innovative Project thought up by Jérémy Kollit and Alexandre Malsch (Epitech 2009 graduates). In less than four years, it has become the top media online group, specialising for 12-17 year-olds and 18-30 year-olds, and today has over 17 million monthly visitors on 14 different sites. The group generates a very fast growth and diversifies its activities – media, advertising, advice, production… It is established in Italy, Brazil, Spain and Germany, and the group continues to expand internationally.

4. Docker, Inc revolutionises the Cloud

Docker Docker – find out more

Solomon Hykes (Epitech 2006 graduate) and Sébastien Pahl (2009 graduate) get on track with cloud computing as soon as they leave Epitech. They create DotCloud, Inc in the USA, which is a new generation online platform (or “PaaS”) which will later become Docker, Inc. In 2011, Solomon Hykes was selected by the magazine Forbes to figure in the “30 under 30” table in the Technology category, and the company raises 10 M$ from investors in large companies such as Yahoo!, Apple, Benmarck and Trinity. In early 2014, Docker pursues its mission and raises 15 M$ from Greylock Partners, Insight Ventures as well as from the earlier investors.

5. Honikou Games - game creator for mobile phones

Six graduate students from 2012 (Yoann Ber, Nicolas Bossu, Arnaud Dugas, Guillaume Faïa, Flavien Plouvier and Nicolas Weydemann) thought up the EIP Honikou Games which today has become a game editor on Android. The first game, Eponyme, was downloaded over 1.6 million times. The economic model of Honikou Games is based on the freemium: a free application with additional paying content. The last game, Mana Defense, which came out in October 2013, is already among the top 50 French games that are downloaded in the category “arcade & action”.

6. Merethis, experts in monitoring

Merethis Metheris - find out more

Having just graduated, Romain Le Merlus and Julien Mathis (Epitech 2005 graduates) create Merethis, which has become a major player on supervision, with over 50,000 users, 450 client companies in France and abroad, and a turnover that is constantly increasing. They start the project at the beginning of the EIP by developing an open source solution for supervision of information systems. Merethis is today the editor of the application software.

7. ArxSys, pioneer in legal computing

ArxSys find out more +

Solal Jacob, Jérémy Mounier, Frédéric Baguelin and Chritophe Malinge (Epitech 2009 graduates) realise for their end of studies project Digital Forensics Framework (DFF), a software for digital investigation which enables to collect and correlate suspect data, that are dissimulated or erased from different types of media. They quickly win contracts, are noticed by the agency Paris Développement which is supported by the City of Paris and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and enable them to launch ArxSys. In 2010 they win the Prix de l’Innovation des Assises de la Sécurité et des Systèmes d’Information (Innovation prize from the foundation for security and information systems).

8. Guillaume Ors, DSI Revelation of the year 2012

Guillaume Ors, DSI de l’année 2012 Guillaume Ors, DSI Revelation of the year 2012 – find out more

Guillaume Ors ((Epitech 2005 graduate), and Director of Information Systems (DSI) at Clichy-la-Garenne (near Paris) supervises a team of 20 territorial agents spread between two common departments: computing and telephony. Every year he manages a capital and operating budget of around 5 M€. In six years, he has migrated telephony towards a unified based system on the ToIP (a project worth over 1 M€ with more than 1,500 telephones), to deploy optical fibre to link the 60 municipal sites, open a Web portal for various domestic online interventions, install multimedia halls in all the schools in the town, etc. In 2012, the magazine 01 Business & Technologies named him DSI of the year in the “Revelation” category. .

9. Kernel 42, computing at the service of the job

Kernel 42 Kernel 42 - find out more

Kernel 42 was founded by two former Epitech students Edouard Fajnzilberg (2010 graduate) and Dorian Marchand (2012 graduate). It is an operator for IT services that proposes many solutions to professionals: web sites, intranet, ERP, networks, etc. The company also proposes advice and training services. The company relies on open source technologies, such as Dupral, of which it is an active member of the community. Kernel 42 counts numerous clients, namely the City of Paris, Carrefour, l’Assurance Maladie (French health insurance service) or La Poste (the French post office service). The company which had a turnover of 300,000 € in 2014, hopes to attain 5 to 10 M€ in the next five years.

10. OpenChange, major contribution for free software

OpenChange - find out more

OpenChange was originally the EIP topic of Julien Kerihuel (Epitech 2005 graduate) and offers a mobile and open source implementation of the Microsoft Exchange Server and communication protocols of Exchange. Exchange is a server for collaborative work devised to operate with Outlook and provide functionalities as would a messenger service, with shared calendars, contact data bases, catalogues for sharing documents or again a system to manage tasks and notes. OpenChange is in the process of becoming a major contributor for free software, with already multiple collaborations (Samba, Wireshark, Evolution).